Ioanna harbors an inherently creative but empathic entrepreneurial spirit, which not only drives Oasis’ creative process, but allows her to understand how our customers will feel about the products we engineer. Combined with her impeccable talent for quality and aesthetics,

Ioanna allows Oasis to create visually stunning and emotionally inspirational but practical environments for our members, guests and buyers.

 With a Gallery Management Masters from City University, Ioanna founded Young Art Collectors Club and a network of aspiring art collectors before establishing Joanna Tsatsos Arts Ltd and co-founding online retailer Ermeion. She understands the true value of quality and the importance of creativity in today’s competitive markets, where discerning consumers demand more. Ioanna's talents leads the way in allowing Oasis to create developments beyond anything that came before.

The Grangé Group Motto:

BATIRE: to build, in French







If one achieves each of these values, one will succeed.

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