Stavros is an engineer with more than 25 years of experience, working on a great multitude of demanding projects from many sectors, with different mixture of complexity and specific requirements in every situation.

Stavros has a naval architecture and engineering degree from the Technical University of Athens. However, his inquiring mind and restless spirit, led him to acquire a broader & multilevel set of knowledge. He has a record of extensive corporate and field experience in project management & supervision, consulting, QHSE & bidding management. For projects from advanced constructions such as large buildings, stadiums & tunnels, up to power plants & smart grid installations.

Stavros will contribute to the realization and adequacy of both special constructions and amazing environment, that OASIS plans to offer in each one of its sites.

The Grangé Group Motto:

BATIRE: to build, in French







If one achieves each of these values, one will succeed.

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