Asset Value & Upgrade Guarantee Program

O Lifestyle has engineered its real estate program to provide each of its residence owners an optimal fusion of prestigious property and exquisite locations with an unprecedented array of lifestyle benefits, but has also innovated another unrivalled provision, providing each owner complete confidence the value of their investment is always protected.

O offers its owners a unique Asset Value Guarantee Program to give every residence buyer confidence in the future value of their property and assuring the value of their investment. Under the term of O’s Guaranteed Value Program, a residence owner will retain the option to sell their property back to O after twelve years at 100% of their purchase price (inflation adjusted).

While the long-term value of real estate may often appreciate, this program allows every owner to backstop any potential negative volatility in the future real estate market, and enjoy the assurance their investment has a guaranteed future value protecting their investment.

The future value guarantee issued by O is underwritten by Lloyds of London and Swiss RE and while the owner of a residence is free to sell it at any time privately or keep it in perpetuity, the knowledge of having a guaranteed exit after twelve years (extendable up to 50 years) with no financial loss is a valuable tool to protect the integrity of an owner’s net worth.

The Asset Value Guarantee amount is further adjusted for inflation over the twelve-year period at a compounded inflation rate of up to 2% per year assuring the value of their investment is the same on the day of their purchase as it is on the day they exit.

An owner is under no obligation to sell their property at any time and retains the option to declare in their sole discretion. The O Asset Value Guarantee Program is offered to owners at no cost as an effective instrument by which to enjoy ownership of their property.

While O has created every residence to provide an optimal degree of luxury and lifestyle benefit to its owner, we recognise owners’ needs evolve with time. Accordingly what is a perfect residence today may not satisfy owners’ shifting needs in five or ten years. Therefore, every O Residence owner is given the option to upgrade their residence to ANY new O development internationally at any time after the second anniversary of their ownership.

This allows an O Residence owner to apply 100% of their initial purchase cost to any new O development at any time in the future, allowing them the ability to adapt their residence to suit their growing need for space, amenity or aviation hours together with changing location and environment, thereby maximizing that all too important factor of novelty retention, ensuring they feel the same excitement of their “new” home for decades to come.

O’s Upgrade Guarantee Program allows owners the security of knowing one purchase can provide a lifetime of diversified and optimal pleasures in a secure format which affords them an ultimate degree of enjoyment.

The value remains long after the price is forgotten.”

Sir Henry Royce


It may be true that luxury real estate around the world is a sound investment predisposed to appreciate in value over time, but world events and recent history have shown us unanticipated financial crashes, pandemics and a myriad of other unknowable factors can have a major impact on the most stable of markets, and resultantly the value of property.

Asset Value & Upgrade Guarantee Program

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