Each Oasis Residence owner using their condo or villa on a part time basis may allocate its management to Oasis. Oasis may offer these units as part of its luxury hotel inventory to be rented when owners are not in residence.


The more available a condo/villa becomes during the year for rental, the greater amount of “free” flight hours will be allocated to each owner to use throughout the year. These hours can be used on any of the Oasis private aircraft fleet to travel to and from any location in Europe (inc. UK, Egypt, Turkey, Moscow and Israel), with other locations accessible by prior agreement.

Each Oasis Residence will enjoy a slightly amended table of aviation allocation hours to its owner. These allocations will be calculated based on a buyers' chosen Oasis Residence (condo or villa), its location, pricing and classification ( Oasis Residence or Regenesis).

Each Oasis Residence owner will have access to the full Oasis Aviation fleet of aircraft. These will include the following core categories:

Super-Mid Dassault Falcon 2000 / Gulfstream G200, Bombardier Challenger 300 and similar 
Mid Cessna Citation XLS, Learjet 45 and similar
Light Cessna Citation CJ 2/3, M2, Embraer Phenom 300 and similar

Oasis Aviation will make available all three categories of aircraft to Oasis Residences owners. It may also make available extra categories to include heavy or very light jet classes. In such an event prorated hours on any additional classes will be introduced.

Oasis Residence owners will have the ability to choose any of the available aircraft categories for each of their flight itineraries. The cumulative number of annual “free” flight hours made available to them will be based on the following example provision.

Oasis Residences – Vouliagmeni condo owners' “free” flight hours annual allocation:

Rental Days  100 Days  150 Days 200 Days  250 Days  300 Days
10 Hrs 15 Hrs 20 Hrs 25 Hrs 30 Hrs
Mid 13 Hrs 20 Hrs 26 Hrs 32 Hrs 39 Hrs
Light 16 Hrs 24 Hrs 32 Hrs 40 Hrs 48 Hrs

-It is estimated, a residence owner using their property for up to 8 weeks a year, may still allow for rental of their unit at this location for up to 230 nights.

-An owner who uses their residence for lesser time periods may achieve higher rental periods and thereby greater aviation benefits.

-Whereas all Oasis locations allocations may differ slightly, this table is a baseline example of the “typical” aviation provided to residence owners.

-Whereas Oasis may use supplemental third party aircraft for particularly busy peak periods to ensure owners availability, all aircraft normally offered by Oasis for its residents are owned by Oasis Aviation (a wholly owned subsidiary of -Oasis Lifestyles International LLC).

-If an Oasis Residence owner does not wish to allow their condo/villa to be rented, they are still allocated the same hours but will be required to pay a usage surcharge based on an aircraft’s direct operating expenses per hour.

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