O Phone App & Concierge

O creates a personal interface for each owner and member to engage with every facet of O in order to plan a travel itinerary on O Aircraft, reserve an O Boat, prepare their residence for a visit or book accommodations at any O Hotel, Club or Townhouse.

O is a personal concierge and a gateway to satisfy each requirement irrespective of geography where O can assist owners and members

O arranges reservations and appointments for dining, entertainment, training sessions, beauty treatments and other scheduling needs, but also connects members and residents with real time “happenings” at each international location, announcing daily events, future functions or activities, social occasions, workshops/presentations, parties or exhibitions.

O also acts as your personalized assistant giving owners and members real time data on their expenditures at O, balances of O Credits and available “free” aviation hours and access to the Flight Share System, while also providing information on any and all facets of administrative, social, leisure or travel activities.

The O App (O Phone Application) was developed as a mechanism by which every owner and member can connect to O at any moment from anywhere in the world, while also allowing them to interact with each other within an exclusive community of shared interests, passions and lifestyle ambitions.

O Phone App & Concierge

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