Beyond Oasis

Oasis is a lifestyle beyond its destinations. An amalgamation of principles to impact the quality of members and residents daily lives and a prescription for augmented levels of convenience, comfort and joy.

Members, residents and guests have exclusive and unprecedented access to our facilities within a proprietary system unique to Oasis, and offering them the opportunity to “use as if they own” without having to “buy or maintain” amenities which until now were prohibitively priced or excessively inconvenient.


Oasis Aircraft

The Oasis fleet of luxury private aircraft serve our members’ and residents’ domestic and international travel needs.


Oasis Boats

Any Oasis located on or near the ocean has a fleet of luxury boats and sportsyachts stationed locally to accommodate members’ and residents’ leisure and boating needs.


Oasis Phone App & Concierge

The custom Oasis Phone App has been developed to allow members and residents the ability to connect easily and frequently with all Oasis locations.

Oasis Logo