Ethos & Sustainability

O is built on the inherent symbolism of the circle, a symbol which has travelled through history conveying a myriad of representations, each of which has been central to the core of human wellbeing.

A circle represents the only constant in life, change or motion, something which if embraced generates progress.

A cycle of life, rebirth, regeneration and transformation.

Our Mission Principles

O has been created to encourage, assist, guide and apply lifestyle changes to each guest by which to recognize a viable path to creating the optimal version of themselves while also existing in a luxuriating world dedicated to the generation of joy.

Our principles are founded on the premise of affecting positive change to the quality of life of those within our orbit by elevating their state of being through the application of principles founded upon the awesome power and beauty of nature.

This may be manifested by creating environmentally optimal sanctuaries conducive to bringing people closer to nature and each other through ecological maximisation, landscape and biophilic design, or an array of closely choreographed factors engineered to encourage our connection with the natural world.


The unity of sharing.

A circle is a bond, it connects and it moves in an endless revolution of interaction and unification.

That principle is applied to encourage the engagement of a community with a common goal, bringing people together in an elevated state of being by harnessing the positivity of the environment and then sharing it with those around them.

O’s definition of wellness is not restrained to health, fitness and nutrition, but expands to embrace the principle of wellbeing, something which requires the balance of all planes of our existence (physical, emotional, spiritual), and can only be truly effective if catalysed by that most important ingredient.... joy.

Achieving these factors accomplishes a major step in the alchemy of wellbeing and not merely adheres to our objective of effecting positive change within our customers, but is a sound business principle, a causality to ensure frequent escapes to our destinations throughout the year and interaction with our brand or principles at every opportunity.

Dance, drink, love and be the free version of yourself in a community tailored to provide you the opportunity to engage the things you truly wish to experience in an inclusive environment where freedom reigns and wellbeing of the body, mind and spirit recognizes the inalienable right to happiness and freedom.

Sustainability & Impact


‘Be the change that you wish to see in the World’

Mahatma Gandhi

We live in a world where we have seen the growing effects of complacency and recognize the cataclysmic outcome of inaction.

Whereas we may generate the drive within our customers to evolve into a better physical, emotional and spiritual version of themselves, we must also direct them to expand the impact of this effort to the greater world we live in.

This is something we achieve by engaging sustainability factors within our hotel operations as well as socially and environmentally responsible policies within the way we construct and manage each of our locations. This may involve the materials and technologies we use to build or supply each of our hotels and minimize environmental impact or carbon footprints, but is also importantly focused on the measures we take to support the local communities at every level of our operation and philanthropic policies derived from the economic success we generate.


O is an agent of healing and an instrument of change; to the individual, the communities within our orbit and the greater planet.

Ethos & Sustainability