Q. Is Oasis like a timeshare?

A. No. Oasis has no relationship to that industry. An Oasis Residence owner purchases and owns their property outright and they can hold, sell or transfer their title and ownership at any time. Nobody else has any rights to their property and an owner can elect either to have it managed and rented by Oasis when available or leave it exclusively for their own use.

Q. What is the difference between members and owners / residents?

A. Members have acquired a membership interest to one of the Oasis Lifestyle Clubs which gives them the rights to use the on-site facilities at each club location and grants them certain access to off site facilities such as the “Flight share” system. Members typically live locally to one of the Oasis Membership Clubs and visit regularly for their social, leisure or wellness (health and fitness) needs. Owners/residents however actually own a residential unit at an Oasis Residences location. This gives them titled ownership over their unit together with all associated owners’ benefits (aviation package, boating facilities, concierge etc), however every owner also becomes an automatic member with full membership privileges at all Oasis Lifestyle Club locations.

Q. Where can I buy an Oasis Condo or Villa?

A. Oasis will be developing villa and condominium resort communities throughout Europe, with the inaugural locations in Greece and subsequent locations in Spain, France, Italy and other European cities.

Q. When can I buy an Oasis Condo or Villa?

A. Oasis Lifestyle Clubs will be launched from early 2023, and Oasis Residences will be available for purchase from 2022.

Q. How can I buy an Oasis residence with its amenity package?

A. Oasis Residences with their associated private aviation and other amenities are a unique and coveted offering which is only being made available on a highly exclusive basis. Each Oasis Residence location will be offered when appropriate and buyers will be accepted on a first come first served basis. If a buyer wishes to purchase at a location which has been sold out they will be given priority placement and a choice of alternate Oasis locations to choose from within current development inventory and future locations. All Oasis locations will have equal access to the entire Oasis aviation fleet which will service all owners from a central European base.

Q. Can I reserve a position for an initial Oasis offering?

A. Oasis will be releasing a limited number of invitations for initial locations reservation in July 2021. Reservations will be accepted at that time for qualified and accepted buyers who wish to consider acquiring an Oasis Residence in any of its locations. Reserving an Oasis Residence will not create an obligation to buy, but will secure a buyers’ option within the limited places available.

Q. How much will an Oasis condo and villa cost to purchase?

A. Condos will range from 900,000€ to 1,500,000€ and villas will range from 1,500,000€ - 3,000,000€ depending on size, location and positioning.

Q. Will the value of my condo or villa appreciate?

A. All Oasis Residences will be located in prime and prestigious locations which typically appreciate considerably with time, and even with adverse volatility due to recessions or seasonal downturns should eventually appreciate.

Q. How can I guarantee I won’t lose money on the purchase of an Oasis Residence?

A. Buyers of Oasis Residences are given the option of acquiring a guaranteed buy-back policy at the time of purchase. In exchange for a premium, buyers can acquire a guaranteed buy-back option for five to fifty years which guarantees they can sell their property at some point in the future, for the full amount of their purchase price plus any premiums paid. This system creates a secure basis by which an Oasis owner removes any financial risk from their purchase and allows their long term aviation facilities to achieve a true “no cost” pinnacle. This buy-back policy is issued by www.safeguardloyalty.com  and is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London and Swiss RE insurance underwriters.

Q. How can I organize furniture and management of my condo or villa?

A. All Oasis Residences are sold ”turnkey” to buyers with full furnishing, finishes and equipment. Each buyer will be able to choose from a variety of premium packages including furniture, equipment, décor details, soft furnishings, towels, bedsheets etc. All Residences are fully managed in every way by Oasis so owners are never burdened with any aspect of their property management.

Q. Can I live full time at the Oasis?

A. Yes. Residence owners of an Oasis or Regenesis villa and condo can choose to live permanently or semi-permanently or visit their property as frequently as they like. It is their property to use as desired without limitation.

Q. What if I only want to use my Oasis villa or condo for holidays and frequent visits throughout the year and not use the Residence for most of the time?

A. Oasis Residences have been designed to give optimal benefits to those owners who live elsewhere and wish to benefit from having a luxurious resort property to use as a second home for holidays, short breaks or frequent escapes. When your Residence is not being used, it will be managed by Oasis, converted into premium hotel suites and rented as part of the Oasis Hotel inventory. Income generated through the rental of your unit is credited towards your Oasis private aviation and amenity package.

Q. Do I get any of the rental income?

A. No, Oasis will endeavor to maximize the rental of your unit within the hotel platform and will then convert that income into credit hours on your aviation allocation. This income will also be used to cover all your property ownership expenses so you have no financial burden to own or maintain your property or to access all the facilities and amenities available to you.

Q. What services will be available to my condo or villa?

A. Every Oasis Residence has free servicing to include butler, maid/housekeeping, 24hr room service, 24hr concierge, local car and driver and other “white glove” hotel style services.

Q. What happens to my personal belongings if my Oasis Residences is being rented?

A. Upon your departure from your Oasis villa or condo, your personal butler will video inventory your unit to mark out specific location of personal items including pictures, décor, decorations, towels, bedsheets and other items. All clothing and soft items are deposited into the units’ personal storage closets which are then sealed and removed in one piece from the unit. These are then safely stored away while the butler replaces generic five-star hotel style bedsheets, towels, wall paintings and décor in the unit for incoming guests. When you give notice of your intended return, the butler reverses this process to ensure you find everything exactly as you left it.

Q. What if I am too busy to use my Oasis Residence all year and do not use it at all?

A. That’s the beauty of Oasis. Our owners are busy people with successful careers and demanding schedules, and if this means they are unable to find the time to enjoy their Oasis Residence for personal benefit, the advantage and value of Oasis can be felt in their professional lives. If an owner is unable to use their residence, it will be rented out as much as possible within the Oasis hotel platform, thereby generating a maximum credit for the owner for additional aviation “free” flight hours which can be used in the same year or rolled over to the following year.

Q. Can my free flight hours on a super- mid size Oasis jet be converted to other aircraft classes?

A. Yes. Oasis will also offer a variety of lighter jets where 1 hour of mid-size aircraft converts to 1.2-1.4hrs on lighter jets. In addition, heavier jets for long range or transatlantic trips will also be available where conversion rates may apply from 0.6-0.8 hrs for each mid-size hour.

Q. What amenities are available to me as an Oasis Residence owner?

A. An Oasis Residence owner has full “premium“ membership access to all Oasis Clubs and locations internationally, plus exclusive access to the full Oasis Private Aviation Package. The membership amenities will give Oasis Residence owners full access to all the on-site facilities but also free access to the Oasis boats and yachts located at each location as well as the Oasis Private Aircraft and Flight share system.

Q. What is the Oasis Private Aviation amenity package?

A. An Oasis Residence owner is allocated an average of 20 up to 50 hours per year flight time on our fleet of private aircraft in Europe, potentially for zero out of pocket cost. This “free hours” allocation is based on each owners' unit availability allowing for revenue being generated within the Oasis hotel rental inventory, and dependent on the owners' choice of aircraft (super-mid / mid / light jets) for each itinerary booked. All jets can be used to fly from/to anywhere in Europe (to include UK, Egypt, Moscow, Israel and Turkey) and other locations by individual itinerary agreement.

Q. How much does the Oasis Aviation package cost a Residence owner?

A. Potentially nothing. If an Oasis Residence owner allocates their unit into our hotel inventory when it’s not being used, the revenues generated by its rental potentially covers the entire cost of property ownership (insurance, utilities property taxes etc.), plus the cost of the Oasis Aviation Package facilities, plus all other amenities. Generally using an Oasis Residence for eight weeks a year will allow rental revenue to cover the entire cost of ownership and amenities. However, the less time an owner uses their Oasis Residence, the more rental income can be generated. This extra revenue would be reflected as extra credits to an owners' “free hours” allocation. If however an owner does not allocate their unit to the hotel rental inventory, they will pay an annual surcharge to use the same facilities. This surcharged is calculated on the expense of using the aircraft “as if” they owned it.

Q. Can I use the aircraft for more than the allocated package use?

A. Yes, all owners can use the aircraft without prescribed limitation subject only to the Oasis Reservation Procedures. Using the jet aircraft beyond the allocated “free” annual allocation will be possible and owners will only be charged for DOC (direct operating cost).

Q. What aircraft does Oasis use?

A. The basis of the Oasis aviation fleet is Dassault Falcon 2000, Gulfstream G200 and Bombardier Challenger 300 super-midsize jets and Cessna Citation Excel, CJ2/3, Learjet 46, Embraer Phenom 300 and similar lighter jets. Oasis will expand individual aircraft categories in line with owners' ongoing preferences and will include other aircraft of a similar quality and specification. Lighter jets will be allocated at a “pro-rated” per hour factor to super-midsize (eg. 20hrs on super-midsize aircraft may be 26 hrs on midsize and 32 hrs on light jet).

Q. Who owns and manages the Oasis Aviation fleet?

A. All aircraft are owned by Oasis Aviation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oasis Lifestyles International LLC and will be managed by a leading private aviation manager. At particularly busy peak periods Oasis may utilize third party owned aircraft also managed by Oasis' aviation management team in order to ensure effective aircraft availability for owners at peak periods.

Q. Are there any other benefits to the Oasis Aviation amenity package?

A. Yes. The Oasis “Flight Share” system will be operated on the Oasis Phone App and allow every owner and club member to share their respective itineraries on all flights. This will allow owners and members to share the cost/hourly debits, of any flights and minimize empty leg charges.

Q. How can an owner or member use the Flight Share” system?

A. An owner can use it to find users for empty legs of their itineraries or alternatively even allow other owners or members to share their main itinerary leg on a “per seat” basis. If an owner is travelling by themselves or with a small party and takes another member group with them on their flight, for every hour they will only be debited a portion of that hour depending on how many seats are shared. A “Flight Share” itinerary on Falcon 2000/Gulfstream G200 can potentially cost owners and members only 350€ per seat per hour, so a flight from London to Geneva would be charged at under 700€ per person.

Q. Is an owner charged for empty legs?

A. Owners are given access to use the aircraft “as if” they own them and are responsible for their use including all flight hours. However, if an owner books their flight with sufficient notice, Oasis' aviation managers will have an opportunity to sell the empty leg, and if an owner circulates their itinerary to other owners and members on the “Flight Share” system, they can get full or partial credit for the empty leg through their participation.

Q. How do I access the Oasis aviation or other amenity package?

A. All owners have access to their personal Oasis concierge at their respective locations for any facility needs and they can also book flights or other facilities, amenities or services directly through the Oasis Phone App.

Q. How quickly can an aviation reservation be satisfied?

A. Potentially immediately, depending on itinerary. Oasis does not “guarantee” availability within a certain time frame. The aviation facilities have been calculated and will be managed to provide maximum availability to members. However, there may be peak seasons where usage rates are higher and so owners are encouraged to plan itineraries in advance when possible. Most aircraft in the fleet are based in central European locations to accommodate easy and quick positioning.

Q. What happens if sufficient rental income has not been generated through my unit?

A. If the rental income generated from an owners’ unit is insufficient to cover the ownership costs of the residence (property taxes, insurance, utilities, management etc.) and used aviation amenities cost, due either to owners' prolonged use of the property or any other reason, owners’ credits on allocated free hours in the next six or twelve month period may be reduced, or owners can pay a supplement surcharge to satisfy shortfalls to retain their maximum allocations.

Q. What happens if a pandemic or other extraordinary circumstances affect Oasis's ability to generate income from my unit?

A. In the event of any government ordered shut down or other enforced closure of businesses, international borders or other extraordinary factors affecting Oasis's ability to generate rental income from its hotel operation and rental system, Oasis may temporarily suspend the provision of “free” aircraft service, until the extraordinary circumstances have passed. In such an event, owners may still use the aircraft but will during such suspension period be responsible for DOC.

Q. What happens if I don’t use all my free hours in one year?

A. Unused free hours can roll over “once” into the following year but must be used within 24 months of their initial engagement.

Q. What is the Oasis boat and yacht amenity?

A. At every Oasis location a selection of Watercraft will be available between 1st April and 31st October. These will include 30-35ft center console and bowrider speed boats and 45-85 ft sports cruisers and yacht with sleeping facilities of up to six people. The boats and yachts will be provided with qualified captains, however any owners with documented qualifications may also use the boats and yachts without captains (subject to insurance indemnities). Owners may use any of the boat of yacht facilities free of charge, but will be responsible for the cost of fuel, catering and dockage while in their use. Center console and bowriders can be used for daytime excursion, fishing expeditions and local exploration while cruisers and yachts can accommodate owners and members for overnight trips to nearby islands and destinations.

Q. Can I mortgage or hypothecate my residence?

A. Yes, your property will be a prime asset in a prestigious location and can be mortgage or hypothecated in normal formats. Oasis may be able to assist you in seeking mortgage financing.


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