While an ISLA may create a multi-level, cross jurisdiction and capital guaranteed system of asset ownership or usage which presents a “too good to be true” sense of the possible, the mechanism which has been engineered by O Lifestyle is relatively simple to comprehend.

Operating resorts which include branded residences owned by independent owners as vacation homes has been a growth industry for decades, offering owners optimal degrees of luxury and amenities while providing  hotel operators additional inventory for hotel rentals.

Typically, some of that rental income is given back to the owners in the form of a “Cash ROI” which has traditionally provided owners with a net return on their investment of approximately 4%. O Lifestyle engages a different model through the ISLA whereby owner's share of income is not provided to them as a limited cash ROI, but is attributed to the aviation fleet which capitalizes an owner's ability to fly with no out of pocket expense.

What makes an ISLA viable is that the aircraft are owned directly by the  O group who is NOT in the aviation business. Accordingly, with no commercial aviation operational expenses, financing costs, overhead and profit expectations from the aviation operations, funds from hotel rentals which are allocated to the aviation program capitalize twice as many flight hours for owners compared to purchasing them from the commercial aviation market.

This allows an ISLA to provide our residence owners with twice as many flight hours as they could otherwise buy from the private aviation market using that capital. With our proprietary system not requiring them to physically “make payments” in order to fly every year, owners experience this as “no out of pocket expense” and with the additional value of yachts, no cost property ownership and other amenities they gain an annual “value or benefits” ROI equivalent to 10%-15% per year.

With ISLA's unique underwritten value guarantee and buy back program, if an owner sells their interests and recoups their capital, the whole program including use of the property and the private aircraft over several years has effectively been achieved without any cost at all.

While ISLA is a pioneering and unparalleled asset class within the real estate and private aviation field, it is the decades long engagement and diverse world leading operational partnerships which have made it possible, only through O Lifestyle.

O Hotel Management Program

A luxury home may be a valuable asset, but the amplified ability to capitalize on that value is priceless.

By engaging the O Hotel Management Program, you may allocate your unoccupied condominium, villa, suite or floating villa to be rented as part of O Lifestyle’s five- star hotel inventory to discerning guests. Enrolment in the O Hotel Management Program provides you with an annual allocation of O Credits which are used within the O Aviation Program and translate as “free” occupied flight hours.

O Hotel Management Program

Developing, owning and operating its own prestigious resorts, real estate, private aircraft and yachts, O Lifestyle and its operational partners are uniquely positioned to offer the ISLA,  providing an unrivalled value proposition and degree of luxurious convenience to our owners and clients.