O Hotel Management Program

By engaging the O Hotel Management Program, you may allocate your unoccupied condominium, villa, suite or floating villa to be rented as part of O’s five- star hotel inventory to discerning guests. Enrolment in the O Hotel Management Program provides you with an annual allocation of O Credits which are used within the O Aviation Program and translate as “free” occupied flight hours.

When your residence is not in use O's butlers convert it into rentable suites with independent facilities, entrances and amenities. In residences with more than one bedroom, this is achieved through architecturally integrated moveable panels, doors and systems allowing what was a stunning home to be instantly and easily recreated as several stylish hotel suites.

Butlers also replace your personal effects (pictures, decorations, clothes, towels, bedsheets etc.) with generic luxury hotel items and place your items into sealed climate-controlled storage.

When you give notice of an intended use of your residence, butlers reverse the process so you find it exactly as you left it.

Different size suites generate slightly amended “O Credits” allocations, depending on the residence's size, positioning and format (condo, villa etc.).

O Credits are used to provide you with “Free” occupied flight hours on the various categories of O's Aircraft. Owners have real time access to their balance of O Credits and other aspects of their ownership on their O Phone App personal account page.

Owners who include their residence within the O Hotel Management Program and who use their residence for six weeks a year or less, are exempt from all home ownership costs (including property taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance), thereby giving them cost free property ownership.

Owners who use their property for six to twelve weeks a year will benefit from a sliding scale of property ownership costs in part subsidized by O Lifestyle.

A luxury home may be a valuable asset, but the amplified ability to capitalize on that value is priceless.

O Hotel Management Program