What is O

It's a unique opportunity to acquire an exceptional resort property with a rare array of leisure amenities to enjoy throughout the year and the precious freedom to use a proprietary fleet of private aircraft whenever you want at no cost.

Designed to suit the demands of both leisure and business travellers who wish to optimize their investment of time and money, O offers you the ability to capitalize on a financially responsible way to fly privately and enjoy the pleasures of an extraordinary vacation home within a vibrant social environment while also protecting your net worth.

Superlative design and magnificent locations incorporate diverse social, culinary, wellness and leisure facilities to ensure every O creates optimal environments and sensational atmospheres inspiring owners and guests to enjoy every minute within our wonderland.

  • Purchasing an O property allows you to enjoy a magnificent vacation residence, the world’s most unique private aviation program and engage a range of valuable added lifestyle pleasures.
  • An expanding network of O Hotels & Residences available to all residence owners.
  • A diverse range of social and leisure facilities to suit all moods and every requirement.
  • A modern private aviation fleet exclusively operated for O and available to residence owners at “low to no” cost.
  • An exclusive fleet of boats and yachts for owners’ use “as if you own them”.
  • International concierge and lifestyle services in over 100 countries.
  • Underwritten buy-back program assuring the future value of the owner’s property and protecting their investment.

O Explained

O is the evolution of luxury, a fusion of stunning locations, exquisite properties and inspirational environments with an unprecedented private aviation and lifestyle program allowing you to expand the possibilities of your personal and professional lives.

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