What is O

It is an optimal opportunity to own exceptional property within extraordinary resort locations benefitting from a rare array of amenities, and with the freedom to use a proprietary fleet of light, mid-size and super mid-size aircraft with no out of pocket expense.

O allows you to invest directly into your quality of life within today's evolving global circumstances, secure in the knowledge your annual lifestyle expenses are responsibly managed, while your future asset value is guaranteed by AA rated underwriters.

Designed to optimize your investment of time and money in order to maintain your family’s lifestyle preferences, O allows you to escape the constraints of reality within superlative destinations while insulating your finances from the detriments of adverse outlooks.

Engaging the O Lifestyle Program allows you to:

  • Own and enjoy an exceptional vacation residence in an extraordinary resort environment, with zero annual ownership costs and exceptional services and amenities.
  • Access the world’s only private aviation program providing you up to 40 “free” occupied hours every year on a fleet of aircraft owned directly by O, with additional hours at a fraction of prevailing market rates.
  • Access without charge to our own fleet of yachts to use for short weekend adventures or week long cruises.
  • Access an expanding network of O Hotels internationally without charge for up to 40 nights a year.
  • A diverse range of social, wellness and leisure facilities to suit all moods and every requirement.
  • 24 hr international concierge and lifestyle services in over 100 countries.
  • An Asset Value Assurance and Upgrade Program to ensure your interest’s appreciation irrespective of any volatile real estate markets or global economic slowdowns and hedged by insurance guaranteeing 100% of your investment. (underwritten by Lloyds of London & Swiss Re.)

With over thirty years’ experience developing more than seventy luxury resorts in fifty countries and an aviation division whose celebrated reputation and formidable capabilities serve as the pinnacle safety and efficiency standard of the industry, the O team have forged a peerless amalgamation of expertise and harnessed this experience to craft an unparalleled opportunity for our clients.

While shifting economic landscapes and future uncertainties may traditionally cause a desire to minimise expenditure in luxury, leisure or travel investments, O Lifestyle has been engineered to allow you to benefit from a framework which accumulates value rather than disposing of it.



O-Lifestyle is the world's only capital secured program by which to own an exquisite branded residence and enjoy the benefits of an exclusive fleet of private aircraft for all your personal or professional needs throughout the year, effectively at no cost.

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