What is O

ISLA: A capital guaranteed asset class, structured to provide exquisite resort real estate ownership benefits and no cost private aviation facilities, with underwritten investment value assurances.

What is an ISLA?

An ISLA is a Luxembourg based underwritten legal instrument, which when purchased allows you to enjoy the direct benefits of ownership of luxurious resort property, private jets and yachts, while completely released from the burden of traditional costs associated with such facilities, and isolated from the capital risks of owning these assets within volatile markets.

O Residences

The O Club Resort & Beach Club offers the opportunity to acquire exceptional beach bungalows and suites, each representing a fusion of impeccable taste, technological advancement, aesthetic design and extraordinary environment, engineered to maximize practical enjoyment, convenience and emotional stimulation.

O Private Aviation Program

O Residence owners are the beneficiaries of the world’s only private aviation program providing them a proprietary fleet of private aircraft, operated exclusively for O Lifestyle, potentially at zero out of pocket expense.

Asset Value & Upgrade Guarantee Program

It may be true that luxury real estate around the world is a sound investment predisposed to appreciate in value over time, but world events and recent history have shown us unanticipated financial crashes, pandemics, wars, energy crises, inflation and a myriad of other unknowable factors can have a major impact on the most stable of markets and resultantly the value of traditional property.

Asset Value & Upgrade Guarantee Program

O Lifestyle Club

By acquiring an ISLA every O Residence owner is automatically enrolled as a complimentary member in the O Lifestyle Club, which provides them access to O’s fleet of private aircraft  and an array of additional benefits and services for them and their families to enjoy.

O Lifestyle Club

O Lifestyle presents the Integrated Secured Lifestyle Asset