Asset Value & Upgrade Guarantee Program

It may be true that luxury real estate around the world is a sound investment predisposed to appreciate in value over time, but world events and recent history have shown us unanticipated financial crashes, pandemics, wars, energy crises, inflation and a myriad of other unknowable factors can have a major impact on the most stable of markets and resultantly the value of traditional property.

ISLA has been engineered to provide each of its residence owners an optimal fusion of prestigious property and exquisite locations with an unprecedented array of lifestyle benefits, but has also innovated another unrivalled provision, providing each owner complete confidence the value of their investment is always protected from declining real estate or equity markets, recessions or other detrimental economic factors.

Every O Residence owner is enrolled in O’s Asset Value Guarantee Program to provide them with O’s guaranteed buy-back facility, whereby owners retain the option (at their sole discretion) to sell their ISLA back to O any time after year five for 100% of their purchase price (inflation adjusted for the time value of money at that future point).

This assurance is provided to owners at no cost to them and a twelve year term is underwritten by Lloyds of London and Swiss RE  to protect them from any future adverse eventualities which may occur, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of owning an ISLA without financial considerations or concerns.

Furthermore, every owner is contractually provided the option to upgrade their chosen residence for any new O Lifestyle location within the first ten years of their ownership, with 100% of their original purchase cost credited towards the upgrade property.

“The value remains long after the price is forgotten.”

Sir Henry Royce

Asset Value & Upgrade Guarantee Program