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Alternate Location Privileges

Residence owners have the added choice of using any condos, suites and villas at all other O locations at preferential rates. However owners whose residences are enrolled in the O Hotel Management Program have access to each resort, hotel or townhouse potentially at no out of pocket expense at all for up to forty days a year.

Owners wishing to use a hotel suite, condo or villa at another O location can reserve their preferred accommodation and are merely debited a small aviation credit from their cumulative balance  for each night they use an alternate location.

In essence, using an O property anywhere in the world is easy, generates no out of pocket cost and is treated no differently than using their own residence.

An O owner may acquire one residence, but they also inherit a kaleidoscope of expanding options with each new O being developed to benefit their personal, professional or travel needs.

While each O may manifest an individual perspective of beauty and luxury, providing residence owners an ultimate haven of opulent and vibrant escapism, the value of ownership is greatly magnified by the application of another precious element….


Alternate Location Privileges

Limited O Residences will be available for purchase in early 2022 and exclusively offered to prospective purchasers with valid reservations. Make your reservation now.

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