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An O Floating Villa is a true masterpiece of architectural and technological wonder. Designed and built by the superyacht artisans at Melita Marine each O Floating Villa provides owners with over 250 sq.m of opulent living areas with generous decks and terraces.


While each floating villa is provided a berth within our resort marina complex, its self-navigation abilities allow each villa to reposition whenever required to any of the idyllic local beauty spots.

Whether deciding to position a villa offshore with a view of the beach and endless horizon, within a stunning cove or return to the marina berth each night, our villas combine the very best of luxury real estate and water living with a decadent sense of adventure.

With state of the art propulsion, navigation, stability and anchoring systems, our floating villas can go wherever owners desire. However, with each villa’s incorporated “spuds” (12m expandable legs), each unit can stabilize itself while offshore as a solid structure secured on the seabed without being subject to sea movement, currents or swells; but can also lift the entire structure above the water when required.

O Floating Villas redefine the principle of luxury waterfront living, allowing owners to enjoy a truly unique experience fusing the opulent comforts of a world class villa with the characteristic benefits of a superyacht.


Limited O Residences will be available for purchase in early 2022 and exclusively offered to prospective purchasers with valid reservations. Make your reservation now.

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