Bars & Lounges

It's not just people that add the mystical spice, but people who have been inspired to reach a state of positivity and resolutely choose to enjoy that moment in time; a principle O strives to achieve in every sense and at each moment.

With a creative schedule of music, art, culture, social interactions and select events, every day or evening at O, offers our guests the opportunity to enjoy the cool and relaxing lounges or the stylish vibrant vibes of the bars.

Depending on mood, energy levels, day of the week or company of the moment, each O offers members and guests a place to relax, dance, have fun or merely exist in the ultimate of surroundings. Always.

Architecture, design and furnishings may all be fundamental to the creation of a quality social environment, but the magical ingredient catalyzing the alchemy to transform the mundane into the extraordinary is atmosphere.

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