Social & Leisure

With a constant schedule of diverse social events planned each day at O’s pools, beaches, lagoons, restaurants, bars, clubs, gardens or fitness arenas and nightly activities ranging from the mellow starlight lounges and sedate beach cinemas to the wild and vibrant parties of the beach and lagoon club, cabaret restaurants or bars, O creates a social orbit which is difficult to escape.

Every facet of each club is designed not merely to instigate a sense of enjoyment, but to manifest an elevated state of being which inspires and motivates an all-encompassing contentment and sense of engagement with a community inspired to live at full volume.

O was designed to bring together people with the common goal of optimizing their state of physical and emotional wellbeing through the application of joy, that mystical ingredient which lifts all spirits and fortifies all personas. Accordingly, O manifests environments which strive to promote, encourage and assist our guests achieve this condition through a social and leisure program which ignites all the senses and inspires passions at every turn.

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