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O Members Club

Each O Club creates an idyllic refuge set within the desert of a surrounding urban sprawl….

…..an O from the mundane, providing each member the opportunity to revel in the extraordinary freedom to be the very best incarnation of themselves.

Designed to offer an array of social, leisure, beauty and wellness facilities, members may enjoy the benefits of their membership each day and with every changing mood.

Open from early morning to late night, O welcomes its members and guests into an environment where they can enjoy our restaurants, bars, lagoon beach club, unique health & fitness compound, spa & beauty facilities and a degree of services which surpasses expectations.

While O Residences offers international owners the opportunity to call this sublime environment home, members are free to enjoy a repetitive state of O whenever they desire.

With exceptional “on-site” facilities and “off-site” amenities to include O Private Aircraft, O Boats, Concierge Services and more in a unique format, O Clubs touch our members' lives and transform their lifestyles.

“The greatest luxury in life is being free.”

Manolo Blahnik


O Club is a world beyond reality, a natural Nirvana of exotically landscaped lagoons manifesting an aura infused with the passion of possibilities and inspiring the senses to promote a state of personal wellness and joy.



Limited O Residences will be available for purchase in early 2022 and exclusively offered to prospective purchasers with valid reservations. Make your reservation now.

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