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O Aircraft

O's proprietary fleet serves our owners and members by providing exquisite flight services and engaging optimal experiences onboard Super-Mid, Mid and Light category aircraft to include:

Gulfstream - G280

Category: Super-Mid Size

Range: 3,600 nm

Seats: 10

Living Areas: 2

Bombardier - Challenger 300

Category: Super-Mid Size

Range: 3100 nm

Seats: 8

Citation - XLS

Category: Mid size

Range: 1989 nm

Seats: 8

Citation - Sovereign

Category: Mid size

Range: 3010 nm

Seats: 9

Hawker - 800XP

Category: Mid size

Range: 2620 nm

Seats: 8

Citation - CJ3

Category: Light

Range: 2040 nm

Seats: 7

Embraer - Phenom 300

Category: Light

Range: 2077 nm

Seats: 7

Fly smart or stay on the ground.”

Howard Hughes


The O Private Aviation Program is a quantum leap in the private aircraft arena, redefining the parameters of the possible and amalgamating the best traditions of innovation with the highest levels of luxury, convenience and safety.


Limited O Residences will be available for purchase in early 2022 and exclusively offered to prospective purchasers with valid reservations. Make your reservation now.

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