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O Private Aviation Program

Whereas residence owners have access to the O Aviation fleet at all times while only being responsible for the “Owners” Direct Operating Costs, owners who enroll their units in the O Hotel Management Program receive annual “free/no cost” aviation credits.

These credits provide you with up to forty occupied fligbt hours per year on any O Aviation aircraft, at absolute zero cost.

Whenever a residence is not in use by the owner, their family or friends, O manages it as part of its luxury hotel inventory, to be rented by hotel guests.

The more available it becomes during the year for rental, the greater amount of O Credits and free flight time will be available for you to use throughout the year, effectively giving you greater value in free flight benefits when you are too busy to enjoy your holiday home.

These hours can be used on any of the O Aviation private aircraft to travel to and from any location in Europe (including Egypt, Turkey, Moscow and Israel), with other locations accessible by prior agreement. USA, Caribbean, Central America and other locations will be added to the flight arenas in 2022/2023.

Example of annual “free” occupied flight hours provided to an owner, based on the owner using the residence for approximately eight weeks a year.

Owners Use



Super Mid

No Use




20 Days




40 Days




60 Days




- The example provision in the above table is based on a condominium residence in Athens, Greece. “Free” aviation allocations for other O Residences will vary depending on a specific residence’s location or format.

- An owner using their residence for lesser time periods will achieve expanded “free” aviation benefits.

- The “free” aircraft usage allocations and O Hotel Management Program is offered subject to normal operating conditions which allow the O Hotel to engage in a normal degree of commercial operations. In the event of extraordinary circumstances creating systematic lockdowns, border closures, travel restrictions or any other factor internationally or regionally which affects the O Hotel’s ability to engage a normal hotel rental operation, “free” aircraft usage may be suspended until such extraordinary circumstances have passed. In such event, owners will still have unrestricted access to all aircraft at Direct Operating Cost and will not lose any “free” aircraft credits or privileges which will be re-engaged once normal operations resume.


O Aviation Simplified

When the world is at your fingertips, so are the opportunities to experience life at full volume.

Amelia Earhart


O Residences owners are the beneficiaries of the world’s only private aviation program accessing a proprietary fleet of aircraft, operated exclusively for O potentially at no out of pocket cost for up to forty occupied hours a year.

All O Aircraft are owned by O Aviation and operated by Jet Aviation, a leading enabler in global flight, ensuring all O owners, members and guests enjoy a seamless and elevated flight experience.


Limited O Residences will be available for purchase in early 2022 and exclusively offered to prospective purchasers with valid reservations. Make your reservation now.

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