O Flight Share System

The O Private Aviation Program may offer owners a unique opportunity to fly privately potentially at no cost, but this does not mean the program can’t be improved further to offer even greater value.

The O Flight Share System allows residence owners who wish to benefit from the program to publicize their intended itinerary to the international O community of residence owners, members and privileged hotel guests and invite them to join their itinerary.

The program was created as an option for those who wish to travel individually, with one companion or in a small party but who wish to optimize the value of each aircraft hour utilized while also serving a pivotal element of O’s aviation sustainability plan.

While the private aviation industry does not traditionally celebrate positive green credentials, O is dedicated to improving the industry’s environmental impact and one applied methodology to maximise financial sustainability while minimizing carbon footprint is to encourage the sharing of flights within a community.

Shared flights ultimately means less aircraft in the sky serving the same consumer basis and leading to lower cost to the passenger. This can only be achieved if conforming to scheduling, conveniences and other factors important to discerning travellers.

The O Flight Share System has been designed to achieve these objectives in an effort to apply every measure to improve the way people fly privately and maximize personal and environmental outcomes.

If other O community members elect to share an owner’s offered itinerary, either in whole or in part, they are charged a rate equal to the Member’s Rate of the aircraft itinerary “per seat” they are occupying. Accordingly, the owner who created the itinerary is not charged “one hour” of aircraft usage for each hour of the itinerary, but is charged one hour minus the credits received from those who have shared the flight.

This allows each owner to augment their annual “free” hours allocation by 20%-50% at no cost to them, while also giving them greater flexibility to utilize the larger aircraft if desired, even for smaller travel parties.

By engaging the O Aviation Reservations System effectively and utilizing the option of the O Flight Share System, every owner is offered the absolute pinnacle of private aviation value and flexibility.

A man who dares waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

Charles Darwin