O Residences

The O Club Resort & Beach Club offers the opportunity to acquire exceptional beach bungalows and suites, each representing a fusion of impeccable taste, technological advancement, aesthetic design and extraordinary environment, engineered to maximize practical enjoyment, convenience and emotional stimulation.

The O Club Resort & Beach Club is being developed in an extraordinary location blending prestigious positioning with exotic natural landscapes to create lush, exciting and luxurious environments for every O Residence.

With each residence providing a different perspective of style, luxury and atmosphere, all conducive to optimal enjoyment and memorable experiences, owners of O Residences are offered a rare opportunity to own and enjoy opulent escapism throughout the year in an environment which caters to all desires.

O Residences are offered fully finished and furnished, creating dramatic environments and comprehensive conveniences, while intelligent design and progressive technology maximize comfort, entertainment and communication systems.

Offering panoramic beachfront or sea view residences, with expansive roof decks or terraces and each benefitting from one, two or even three pools, every O Residence offers the pinnacle of luxury waterfront living within a vibrant and exotic wonderworld.

Owners may enrol their residence in the O Hotel Management Program, whereby when not in use, their residence is rented to discerning hotel guests as luxury resort accommodation.

Enrolment in the O Hotel Management Program provides each owner exemption from annual residence ownership costs and gives them up to 50 occupied hours a year of flight time on O’s private aircraft at zero out of pocket expense.

O’s team of butlers, concierge, drivers and servicing staff ensure the highest degree of attentiveness when owners are in residence, while a fleet of luxury boats and yachts at the O Club provide residence owners free use of another ultimate amenity through which to enjoy their time at O Club.

An O Residence is so much more than merely a luxurious property to enjoy from time to time, it is an amalgamation of lifestyle amenities designed to touch your life all year round and wherever in the world you may be.


O Club Brochure

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