What is an ISLA?

An ISLA is a Luxembourg based underwritten legal instrument, which when purchased allows you to enjoy the direct benefits of ownership of luxurious resort property, private jets and yachts, while completely released from the burden of traditional costs associated with such facilities, and isolated from the capital risks of owning these assets within volatile markets.

Purchasing an ISLA provides you:

  • Ownership of a new asset class whose purchase value is protected and guaranteed by AA rated underwriters (Lloyds of London & Swiss RE) and which can be bought or sold at will.
  • Ownership of an exceptional vacation residence (villa, beach bungalow or condo) in an extraordinary resort environment, with zero annual ownership costs, impeccable servicing and diverse amenities to use whenever you want for yourself, your family or guests.
  • The world’s only private aviation program providing you up to 50 “no cost” occupied hours every year on a proprietary fleet of private jets, with additional hours at a fraction of prevailing market rates to use for yourself, your family, your business or your guests.
  • A fleet of yachts at each O resort location to use “as if you own them” for short weekend adventures or week long luxurious cruises.
  • 24 hr personal concierge for you and your family in over 100 countries.
  • Special rates, upgrades and VIP privileges in luxury hotels in over 100 cities and locations globally.
  • A diverse range of social, wellness and leisure facilities at all O resort locations to suit all moods and every requirement.

To some, O offers a unique opportunity to own and enjoy a magnificent vacation property throughout the year, with the additional ability to fly privately at “low to no” cost for business or pleasure whenever they wish.

To others, O offers an elegant mechanism by which to maximize their private jet usage at minimal expense for their personal or professional needs anywhere in Europe and beyond and have limited interest in the vacation property itself or ever using it.

The beauty of an ISLA is you can be both, depending on your own changing requirements.

“The greatest luxury in life is being free”

Manolo Blahnik