What is Oasis

Oasis is not just a destination, it’s a state of mind. A philosophy as much as geography. A place to live, laugh, love and exist in your optimal state, insulated from the mundane by engaging the extraordinary, every day.

A mechanism by which to experience an expanded perception of lifestyle, not merely by accessing the best elements of our world, but by becoming the best version of you.

Fusing the beauty of nature with an unparalleled degree of luxury, creativity, excellence and convenience, Oasis is a network of membership environments, residential communities and hotel locations where fantasy morphs into reality, and where valuable rarities of life become commonplace.

Oasis is not a place to go, it’s a way to be. Members may visit for a few minutes or several hours, while residents may call Oasis home, but Oasis creates more than real estate, and offers more than memberships. It is designed to infuse into the very fabric of you're lifestyle, manifesting a platform for you to live, enjoy and be the very best, even when you're not there.


Oasis Lifestyle Clubs

The Oasis clubs are exotic retreats comprised of lushly landscaped grounds surrounding tropical lagoons.

Each Oasis is located in convenient and prestigious neighbourhoods of major cities, creating an idyllic refuge within an urban sprawl. An Oasis.


Oasis Hotels & Residences

Oasis Hotels & Residences take the traditional hospitality and residential models and eclipses previous notions of excellence.

Set within a typical “Oasis” environment of exotic nature and tropical lagoons, each Oasis Hotel & Residences is situated in beyond prime, exquisite locations.


Regenesis - Active Lifestyle Community

Regenesis locations are Hotel and Residences communities tailored to residents who have engaged a phase of life which focusses more on living rather than working.


Oasis Residence Aviation Program

Each Oasis Residence owner using their condo or villa on a part time basis may allocate its management to Oasis. Oasis may offer these units as part of its luxury hotel inventory to be rented when owners are not in residence.


Oasis Wellness

Oasis believes that in order to experience an optimal lifestyle, each of us must attain an optimal state of being, physically and emotionally. Achieving this pinnacle of vitality is not an ambition to take lightly, a feat not easily accomplished within today’s non-stop, distraction filled world, but Oasis was created to encourage, guide and assist each of our residents, members and guests achieve exactly that.

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