Oasis Hotels & Residences take the traditional hospitality and residential models and eclipses previous notions of excellence.

Set within a typical “Oasis” environment of exotic nature and tropical lagoons, each Oasis Hotel & Residences is situated in beyond prime, exquisite locations.

Created within ocean front rural, urban/suburban and even within our own privately owned island environments, Oasis Hotels & Residences are set apart from the world around them in every sense.

While the hotel welcomes discerning guests for holidays and frequent short stays throughout the year, the modern and architecturally magnificent condominiums and villas of our Residences, create a unique home and community for our residents.

Whether being used as a permanent home or part time second home, Oasis villa and condominium Residences offer a rare opportunity for residents to exist in an community dedicated to luxury, service, convenience and joy.

While Oasis' team of butlers, concierge and general staff ensure the highest degrees of attentiveness when owners are in residence, Oasis manages residents’ unused homes, thereby capitalizing on the full value of their part time property.

Being more than real estate, our residents do not merely acquire a place to live or visit, but inherit a diverse range of off-site concierge, lifestyle and “free’ boating facilities to substantially impact the optimal enjoyment of their property, whether in residence or not.

With each Oasis condominium or villa owner enjoying true “no out of pocket cost” access to the Oasis private aircraft fleet for up to 50 hours a year, Oasis Residences become the only residential communities in the world allowing owners to enjoy the benefits of their property to this degree, even when they are not there.
Unique in every sense.

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