Regenesis locations are Hotel and Residences communities tailored to residents who have engaged a phase of life which focusses more on living rather than working.

Each Regenesis location is structured substantially in line with Oasis Hotel and Residences standards and operating philosophies, but the range of facilities, activities, amenities and services are expanded and custom designed to consider long term or permanent residents of this nature (55 years +).

Having reached a stage of life liberated from professional entanglements and familial obligations, Regenesis residents experience a quality of living often referred to as “golden” but never before shining so brightly.

With a constant personal assistant / concierge availability, butlers, chefs, expanded common amenities, comprehensive “on-site” medical facilities, travel resources and business environments, Regenesis residents can live, work and play within their communities and maximise the value, productivity and pleasure of every day.

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