O Cay
Private Island

This private archipelago is another worldly fantasyland, a forty-acre natural haven with its own ten-acre lagoon and a kilometer of pristine sandy beaches together with five tropical Islets nestled in the calm waters of a 400sq.km coastal lagoon.

Arguably the Mediterranean’s most exquisite and exclusive hotel and residence community, O-Cay offers its owners and guests a kaleidoscope of services, facilities and amenities beyond reasonable expectations; because at O-Cay reason and convention are discouraged.

With forty superlative villas and floating villas serviced by an array of social, leisure, culinary and wellness facilities, O-Cay is the embodiment of the escapism principle.

With the airport only ten kilometers across the water, owners and guests can truly escape their reality on a whim and retire into a luxurious embrace only O can offer.



  • 2 Swimming Pools
  • 20-acre Lagoon
  • 1km of sandy Beach
  • Indoor Pool and Thalassotherapy Spa
  • Scuba Diving Center
  • Watersports Center
  • Island Helicopter Service
  • 2 All Day Brasseries
  • 3 Fine Dining Restaurants
  • 4 uninhabited Islets with Spa, Wellness and Leisure facilities
  • Beauty and Wellness Spa
  • Comprehensive Health and Fitness Center
  • Screening Room
  • 24hr water transfers to the town of Preveza and its considerable entertainment, dining and tourist facilities
  • Full service Business Center
  • Access to O Aviation fleet of private jets
  • Access to O Boats fleet of boats and sports yachts

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Floating Villas

Inspired by the exotic magnificence of a Maldivian paradise and the natural beauty of Polynesia, O-Cay is a truly unique Mediterranean jewel sparkling within the warm waters of the Ambracian Gulf.

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