O Club
Aegina, Greece

Twenty miles off the coast of the Athens Riviera in Greece, nestled within a private cove of sparkling water and majestic palms, O Club is a magical haven of exquisite natural beauty and superlative luxury, a Hotel and Residences complex created by extraordinary imagination offering degrees of excellence which defy convention.

O Club is a living organism, the amalgamation of the physical facilities driven by the ethereal power of a vivacious social atmosphere conducive to bringing people together.

It may be a place to revel, rest or play, to eat or drink, to lounge on the beach or dance under the stars, but every element of its ambience is choreographed to encourage resident owners and hotel guests to engage freely.

While O Club’s social environment may inspire the imagination, its exotic Wellness facility and proprietary physical, therapeutic and beauty regimes will aid guests to find balance and strength to fortify every element of their being against the ravages of modern life; and harness this wellbeing to serve them long after they have left us.


O Club is a wonderworld of imagination and luxury offering the opportunity to escape the normality of reality for a moment or a month and embrace the extraordinary within an environment anchored on celebrating the beauty and freedom of summer, throughout the year.

O Club is linked to the Alimos Marina in Athens by all day and late night water shuttle services and additional 24 hrs a day on demand luxury water limousine, providing easy and quick access to the culinary, cultural, entertainment, retail or other facilities of Athens.




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Opening Spring 2024


Boasting ninety exquisite suites and bungalow residences and with ten truly unique floating suites, the O Club will welcome guests to an exciting world manifesting the epitome of social glamour while offering the opportunity to luxuriate in opulently designed accommodations blending plush interiors seamlessly to an exotic landscape.

Every bungalow and suite at O is designed to offer dramatic spaces benefitting from contemporary furnishings and rich upholsteries, bathrooms which inspire a sense of the exotic and balconies, terraces and roof decks which benefit from expansive views, extensive seating areas and one, two or even three pools.

While O Club is fuelled by a vibrant social atmosphere infused into its restaurant, lounges, cabaret, lagoon and beach club, the romantic seclusion of O’s suites, bungalows and residences offers guests the choice between the social and the intimate,  encouraging them to explore their own definition of joy in a world brimming with possibilities.

Available Residences

Residences at O Club provide the opportunity to experience the pinnacle of luxury lifestyle living, combining the principles of opulent design and expansive comforts with unprecedented services and amenities to touch your lives throughout the year.

Available Residences

O Wellness

In order to experience an optimal lifestyle, each of us must attain an elevated state of being, physically and emotionally. Achieving this pinnacle of vitality is not an ambition to take lightly, a feat not easily accomplished within today’s non-stop, distraction filled world.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw