O Club
Resort & Beach Club
Aegina Island, Greece

O is a living organism, the amalgamation of the physical facilities driven by the ethereal power of a social atmosphere conducive to bringing people together. It may be a place to revel, rest or play, to eat or drink, to lounge on the beach or dance under the stars, but every element of its ambience is choreographed to encourage guests to engage freely.

O Club is a wonderworld of imagination and luxury offering guests the opportunity to escape the normality of reality for a moment or a month and embrace the extraordinary within an environment anchored on celebrating the beauty and freedom of summer, throughout the year.

O Club is linked to the Alimos Marina in Athens by all day and late night water shuttle services and additional 24 hrs a day on demand luxury water limousine, providing easy and quick access to both hotel guests as well as members wishing to spend the day at the Lagoon and Beach Club or enjoy the unique dining and entertainment environment for an evening.

O Club Facilities:

  • Golden Sand Private Beach
  • Tropical Lagoon and Grotto
  • Two Swimming Pools
  • Cosmo Brasserie & Terrace
  • O-20 Restaurant, Bar & Club
  • Hae Sky Bar & Lounge
  • Lagoon & Beach Club
  • Wellness and Beauty Spa
  • Access to O Aviation fleet of private jets
  • Access to O’s fleet of boats and yachts stationed on-site

O Hotel

O Residences



Opening 2023 - 2024

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

Twenty miles off the coast of the Athens Riviera, nestled within a private cove of sparkling water and majestic palms, O Club is a magical haven of exquisite natural beauty and superlative luxury, a Hotel and Residences Club created by extraordinary imagination and existing to offer degrees of excellence which defy convention.

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