O Wellness

In order to experience an optimal lifestyle, each of us must attain an elevated state of being, physically and emotionally. Achieving this pinnacle of vitality is not an ambition to take lightly, a feat not easily accomplished within today’s non-stop, distraction filled world.

O Lifestyle was created to encourage, guide and assist each of our owners and guests to achieve exactly that.

O Lifestyle harnesses the beauty and power of nature within which to provide comprehensive facilities, guidance and education and creating environments conducive to success for those who aspire to achieve such levels of personal excellence.

Whereas technology may play a role within this process, O Lifestyle utilizes the awesome power of nature itself to achieve optimal levels of personal wellness through our nutrition, exercise, botanical, therapeutic and educational programs or workshops.

O Lifestyle does not subscribe to the “no pain, no gain” mentality prevalent in today’s gym based fitness philosophies, but establishes avenues of fulfilment entirely founded on the creation of joy, even when exercising.

Few things in life can mirror the sense of personal satisfaction generated by witnessing your own evolution into a higher state of being, something which will affect every minute of your day, or night.

But whereas the physical element is a relatively uncomplicated facet of our being to tone and strengthen, the emotional, metaphysical and chemical factors of our being are a somewhat more arduous aspect to improve.

O Lifestyle’s holistic botanical therapies and herbal infusions program has harnessed millenia of knowledge about the most powerful elements nature has gifted to humanity and applied ancient technologies fused with modern methods to create an effective regime of natural processes to combat a myriad of problematic physical and psychosomatic ailments caused by modern life and the stresses it creates.

Achieving an improved physical, emotional and spiritual condition can alter the very fabric of your being and touch every minute of your experience of life; the legendary fountain of youth found in natural philosophy, not geography. O Lifestyle is dedicated to guiding our guests along this path in a manner which allows you to revel in the process, like nature intended.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson