Where is Oasis

Oasis is not somewhere to visit. It’s a place to transport you. It’s not a destination but an optimal state of being.

Oasis' network of Membership Clubs, Hotel & Residences and Regenesis communities, will expand beyond its initial selected locations on the Mediterranean, chosen for their beauty, culture and accessibility and encompass a diverse bounty of prestigious destinations around the world.

Inaugural Oasis communities are being located in prime Mediterranean locations in Greece, Spain, Italy and France while Oasis City Hotels, Townhouses and collaborative club facilities will be located in major central and north European cities (London, Paris, Berlin etc).

The first Oasis locations are being developed in Greece, with future locations across the Mediterranean and internationally. But Oasis is more than a place, it is a philosophy and with “Beyond Oasis” you can find it anywhere.


Oasis Townhouses

The Oasis network of international townhouses are elegant properties in key cities operating as ancillary Oasis hospitality facilities.Located in city centres including, London, Paris, Berlin, Athens and many other cities of Europe, each townhouse is a grand residence converted to suit the needs of our members when traveling to these cities.

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