Aviation Reservations & Availability

All aircraft travel itineraries and flight reservations will be accommodated by Jet Aviation, O's aviation operator.

Since 1967, Jet Aviation has been crafting flight in its smoothest form. With industry-leading safety and quality records and some 4,000 employees across over 50 locations, Jet Aviation is dedicated to sculpting seamless flight experiences. Owners and members will be assured the highest standards of flight experience from the moment of reservation until the end of their desired voyage.

While Jet Aviation's specialized flight operations systems maximize aircraft usage efficiencies to ensure optimized availability of all O owned aircraft, the O Aviation Reservations System allows owners and members to access their aircraft with minimal notice and expanded flexibilities.

With access to aircraft with as little as 12-hour notice, owners will utilize the O Aviation Reservations System to hold several itinerary reservations simultaneously. This will allow them the maximum flexibility to plan and organize their individual itineraries or maximize the value of each and every flight through the O Flight Share System.

O Residence owners have constant access to the O Aviation Reservations System directly through their personal O Phone Application, as well as 24hr access to their dedicated concierge.